We offer various types of separation methods including spot color, simulated process, CYMK, and more.

Y ou send us the artwork, and we send you back your preferred file type ready to go. Most customers request either a PDF with each color on one sheet, available to print out the black on your printer, or a vector file with spot colors ready to print. Download a sample of the PDFs you will receive. Printing and shipping film additional.

We will help you pick the best separation process and guide you through recommend screen meshes, ink colors, and print order.

Spot Color: The easiest and most common. We can help you figure out Pantones if needed. Great for dark garments and offer a little screen flexibility.

Simulated Process: Custom colors used for your specific design that can produce a print with more colors. Can use halftones and ideally you will want a minimum of 6 screens in most cases.

CMYK: Can produce a full color image on the garment. Works ideally on white garments, though may be possible on dark in some cases. May require spot colors.

Details such as final print size, colors to be used, etc.
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